First place goes to Tomas Sirgedas, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, with an absolutely amazing implementation of Thistlethwaite's algorithm in only 874 characters of C++! For my data set, he averaged 16.03 moves per solution, and his program ran in an average of 64 milliseconds per solve. His overall score is an incredible 7,901; this program must be seen to be believed.

Judge's prize goes to Stefan Pochmann of Darmstadt, Germany, for his implementation of Thistlethwaite's algorithm in C++. He had the second-lowest score of 15,278 with a program that weighed in at 1311 characters, took 197 milliseconds a solution, and averaged 16.72 moves per cube. And if that program weren't good enough he probably would have won the Judge's prize anyway, for the overall shortest submission at 528 characters of Perl, taking 15 milliseconds per solution, and averaging 327.63 moves per cube.

Third prize goes to Jaap Scherphuis of Delft, the Netherlands, for his implementation of Thistlethwaite's algorithm in (once again) C++. His program was 2059 characters long, took an average of 154 milliseconds per solve, and yielded solutions averaging 16.04 moves long, for a total score of 21,599. Furthermore, both the first and second place winners credit Jaap and his site for help with the algorithms!

Fourth prize goes to Antony Boucher of Gennevilliers, France, who solved the cube with four successive IDA* searches to solve the whole cross up to a particular depth, then if that failed, the top cross, then the rest of the edges, then the corners using a set of predefined algorithms. His code in C came in at 1628 characters, took an amazingly low 22 milliseconds per solution, averaged 29.49 moves over my data set, and ended up with a score of 25,061.

The data set I used included all single-move positions, 18 two-move positions, 18 three-move positions, and 46 random positions.

The top-scoring entries, in order by final score, are:
1Tomas Sirgedas, Ann Arbor, MI, USA87464ms16.037,901
2Stefan Pochmann, Darmstadt, Germany1311197ms16.7215,278
3Jaap Scherphuis, Delft, the Netherlands2059154ms16.0421,599
4Antony Boucher, Gennevilliers, France162822ms29.4925,061
5David Barr, Laurel, MD, USA1499155ms35.0334,394
6Charles Tsai, Canton, MA, USA221310ms78.7687,322
7Mikael Klasson, Linköping, Sweden219010ms88.3496,925
8Grant Tregay, West Chicago, IL, USA400910ms59.17118,843
9Adrian Sandor, Hong Kong, China1992670ms54.65127,423
10Yuri Pertsovski, Hazorea, Israel30132ms98.82149,467
11Joe Lindström, Linköping, Sweden20541600ms39.96172,363
12Justin Legakis3517212ms93.4233,883
*Stefan Pochmann, Darmstadt, Germany52815ms327.6389,089